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Born to Be a Badass

Nov 18, 2019

Friends and Colleagues Lisa Abbott (Subtle Warrior Defense) and Beverly Baker (Metropolitan Finishing School) join me for a roundtable discussion of things youngsters should know when they leave home and head away for college or a gap year.

It's a boisterous conversation filled with practical tips and insights geared towards keeping you safe while still encouraging you to have fun and explore your new world.


  • Aspects of entering into a whole new world when you leave home for college or travel
  • What kinds of threats should young people be aware of?
    • Manipulators, Instigators
  • Everyday boundary setting
  • Getting oriented in new physical spaces & developing situational awareness
  • Opportunistic predators, common ways predators manipulate to get what they want
  • Early warning signs of domestic abuse - How intimate partners can isolate a vulnerable young woman
  • Words of advice to youngsters heading out into the world



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