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Born to Be a Badass

Jan 20, 2020

Davina Mackenzie is a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, S Factor Feminine Movement and Pole Dance Instructor, and creator of The Davinity Method (a Feminine Embodiment Coaching Program).  

In this conversation she shares her experience growing up in a family where danger and violence were the norm, how she created a new and healthy life, and her path as a coach supporting women.

She's an amazing woman, with wisdom and insight that will inspire and motivate you!


  • Escaping a childhood of abuse and violence; how that experience has contributed to the creation of a wonderful career & life
  • How sensual dance and pole-dancing gave a new connection to her body and to sensuality
  • Her year of transformation & why she choose a new name
  • Becoming a personal trainer AND S-Factor instructor
  • Using The Davinity method to create a life that is full, lush and flexible


Instagram: davinamackenzie_

Facebook: LoveAbsoluteDavinity


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