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Born to Be a Badass

Feb 3, 2020

Sally Rose Monnes is the Head Instructor & Cofounder of the Fight Like A GRRRL Club. She has over 8 Years of Martial Arts Training with a background in American Boxing and Korean Karate, holds a 1st Degree Black Belt at The Blue Dragon Dojang, and is training for her Second Degree. She’s a competitive fighter in Oh Do Kwan, and is a 2-time Grand Champion at the Mid-Atlantic All Female Karate Open (2017 & 2018) with 1st place in forms and in sparring. An intersectional feminist and activist, Sally Rose is also a musician and performer with Shagwüf & The Sally Rose Band.


  • Importance of verbal skills
  • The difference between sparring, competitive fighting, and real violence
  • Distinction between martial arts and self defense
  • The genesis of the Fight Like a GRRRL Club
  • The three levels of aggression
  • Working with survivors of violence/assault
  • The “stranger danger” fallacy
  • Collaboration with the Girl Scouts
  • Stepping on stage with her bands versus entering the ring to fight or compete
  • How girls and women can develop their own power and courage

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Sally Rose, Fight Like A Grrrl


Sally Rose Monnes, Fight Like A Grrrl


Fight Like A Grrrl Club.


The Sally Rose Band.


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