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Born to Be a Badass

Jul 6, 2020

Jackie is a Triple Certified Coach in Enneagram, life coaching, and neuro linguistic programming. She lives in the greater New York City area and she works with individuals and companies to create sustainability and to reach goals through self awareness and emotional intelligence. Jackie helps people understand the who, what, and why they are at their core. She is the CEO and founder of Table for Nine Coaching and the host of Table for Nine Podcast. Jackie has also healed from her own experience with abuse and has worked with survivors of human trafficking.


In this episode, Jackie and I discuss:

  • The consequences of your mindset.
  • Repressed memories: how the brain can hide memories and bring them to the surface later.
  • Self discovery as part of the healing process. Giving yourself trust and forgiveness.
  • Use of the Enneagram model.
  • Neuro linguistic programming.
  • Develop self awareness, ask yourself “why” repeatedly to get to the core issue. 
  • Tips to recognize sex trafficing.
  • Somatic experiencing: when trauma and abuse take up reside in your body until you deal with the trauma and can heal completely.
  • Self awareness and fear. Why am I afraid? Is it fear or is it an actual risk to my well being?


Key Takeaways:

  • Jackie’s favorite self care tip is to get up and get dressed for the day even while working from home. Now that she is more confident in herself and her business, she likes to get up and get half dressed. Professional on top, sweats on the bottom.
  • Jackie’s advice for women is to develop their concept of boundaries. You don’t need to feel obligated to everyone and everything. Have and set your boundaries, say them out loud, and stick to them.
  • Jackie believes that for women to develop their own personal power and courage they need to start saying no and sticking to their no. Your no has power, keep your power, don’t people please.


"Get yourself in the habit of boundaries as early as you can and in every area of life. Don’t just have them in one area, have them everywhere." —  Jackie Coban


Connect with Jackie Coban:


Instagram: @tablefor9coaching 

Podcast: Tablefor9



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