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Born to Be a Badass

May 11, 2020

Partner, Owner and Co-Founder of Shaan Saar Krav Maga & Wellness, Reneé is a Wellness / Fitness Author, Certified Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist, Wellness Coach, Krav Maga Self Defense Instructor, elite-level competitive bikini athlete and published fitness model.

She founded The Shaan Saar Foundation in 2018 to help provide personal safety and self defense education for every person regardless of their ability to pay Reneé specializes in teaching self defense for violent crime survivors, teen girls and LGBTQ+

In this episode, Renée and I discuss:

  • The creation of Krav Maga for the Jewish population to defend themselves in WWII
  • Advice to young women to pursue things that they love, but also not lose their wits or their plan for the future
  • To develop your own personal power and courage, follow your gut. If a situation feels wrong, get out of that situation


Key Takeaways:

  • People are not always what they seem, don’t be overly trusting
  • It’s a self-defense misconception to think that what you learned last year will help protect you still, you always need to update your skills 
  • Situational Awareness and having a practical skill set are the most important strategies for effective self-defense 



[as a trainer] you have to meet people where they are. You have to be real, and you have to be vulnerable and you have to share because otherwise, there's not that level of trust. And if people don't have that level of trust, they can't start moving into healing." —  Renée Rose  


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