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Born to Be a Badass

Aug 17, 2020

Mila Johansson is a professional director, playwright, and writer. She's the author of 22 plays and musicals that circle the globe, along with two teaching manuals, 101 Theater games, and 50 scenes to go. Mila also teaches social media screenwriting, creative writing, herbology, and Public Speaking at a local Adult Education School. She has just published a book about her famous suffragette grandmother, Jesse Haver Butler, just in time for the hundredth anniversary of women getting the right to vote which is in August of 2020. The book is called From Cowgirl to Congress. Mila lives on her organic citrus ranch in Northern California with her husband, four dogs and a cat. She says that every woman in the United States today owes their voting rights to her grandmother Jessie, and to the others who fought so bravely for women's suffrage.

In this episode, Mila and I discuss:

  • Women’s suffrage and the life of women before they had won the right to vote.
  • The fights and lobbying to Washington during the suffrage movement.
  • The variety of issues that Jesse tackled to address the unfair treatment of people. 
  • Jessie, her friends, and her husband’s stories during the fight for equal rights.



Key Takeaways:

  • Mila’s favorite self-care practice is eating organically, eating fresh food, utilizing her skills as a certified herbalist, and walking.
  • Mila’s advice to women in their 20’s is to pay attention more and study history more. 
  • Mila’s best advice for women to develop their own personal power and courage is to recognize that you've always had the power. You have it, assume it today. There's nothing to stop you except yourself. 


"Don't wait for the right moment." —  Mila Johanson


Connect with Mila Johanson:


YouTube: Mila Johanson  

Book: From Cowgirl to Congress



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