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Born to Be a Badass

Sep 14, 2020

Sheena has been teaching 20 years, ten of which have been dedicated to self defense. With loads of hands on experience with violence and defending herself and others from violence her expertise is undeniable. 

Certified as an Instructor in Krav Maga, Striking and MMA, Firearms, Grappling and more, Sheena owner and Lead Instructor of Krav Maga Salem in Oregon where they also teach Muay Thai, Catch Wrestling, Knife Fighting, Kali and more.   


In this episode, Sheena Williams and I discuss:

  • Utilizing martial arts to subdue combative people in a hospital facility. 
  • Learning to engage against violent threats but to meet the people with dignity and respect. 
  • De-escalation in various situations, in yourself and in others.
  • Integrative Defense Strategies by Todd Fossey.


Key Takeaways:

  • When thinking about edged weapons, don’t just think knives, box cutters, or traditional edged weapons, think outside of the box.
  • Adapt your language to de-escalate the situation rather than put the situation/person into crisis mode again.
  • Meet the person at the situation and mental state they are in, not where you feel they should be.
  • Most defense situations while carrying a firearm happen within 6 feet. Utilize the training for that situation. 



"I, and I alone, am responsible for my happiness." —  Sheena Williams



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