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Born to Be a Badass

Jul 26, 2021

Mary Stevens is a third degree black belt and martial arts instructor with 18 years experience with Karate, weapons and Jujitsu. She holds a master’s degree from Oxford University and a post-graduate certificate in education. She runs her own Martial Arts School called the Athena School of Karate, has written a series of children’s books and works with an international charity called Fair Fight which empowers young girls in developing countries, using Karate as a tool to develop confidence and self-determination. Mary is passionate about martial arts as a tool for confidence building and is a strong advocate for personal security education. 


In this episode, Mary and I discuss:

  • Tips for women for finding and learning about their strengths and weaknesses
  • Going through an abusive or manipulative relationship and how to get out
  • Educating young men and women about avoiding and defending one’s self from abuse 
  • How martial arts lessons translate to other parts of life 


Key Takeaways:

  • Attending martial arts classes is not only about self-defense, but self-empowerment. Finding your strength is not only in practical arts, but can also be found in reading good books. 
  • When going through abuse, try to see the bigger picture. Taking action to distance yourself from your abuser might be a tough decision, but it’s the only one that’s good. To know if you’re getting gaslit, write everything down.
  • It’s important that we teach the youth today, both young men and women, what it’s like to be in a healthy relationship in order that they may not fall into an abusive or manipulative relationship.
  • Martial arts can cultivate confidence, discipline, and self-determination - while also of course, giving one more ability to protect themselves. 


“A good martial artist is a good learner on all different environments" —  Mary Stevens


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