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Born to Be a Badass

Aug 16, 2021

Parmila Armitage is the Chief Impact Officer and Co-Founder of, an online resource with free online courses on violence prevention and defense. She is a violence prevention and defense teacher, certified trauma-sensitive yoga teacher, and a trauma-sensitive educator. She has created a Train The Trainer Program which educates self-defense and martial arts teachers how to conduct their classes in a trauma-informed and sensitive ways to better reach and empower her students. She has been working with survivors of abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and substance abuse disorder since 2016. 


In this episode, Pamela and I discuss:

  • Experiencing abuse during childhood
  • Predators and narcississts in the entertainment industry, red flags to watch out for and how to survive
  • Caring for your mental health state, recognizing emotional abuse, and utilizing yoga and marial arts 
  • The difference between trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive 


Key Takeaways:

  • Many targets of abuse tend to blame themselves for the crime done to them, but it’s important that somebody tells them it’s not their fault and the shame is not on the target but the perpetrator. 
  • We must teach people that predatory behavior and inappropriate comments disguised as jokes or comments are not okay, and could become the start of exploitation - it could be a predator testing the waters to see what they could get away with. 
  • Healing from trauma is possible through many paths, one of them being yoga. Preventing trauma can be done through learning self-defense. 
  • Take a step above being trauma-informed into being trauma-sensitive, learn to recognize the symptoms of trauma in your students if you are an educator who values trauma. 


"Trauma is the root core of all our societal issues… from mental health struggles, substance abuse disorders, domestic violence… it is the core to all of the pain in our society. Violence causes trauma and trauma causes violence." —  Pamela Armitage


Pamela’s Book Recommendations: 

Dr. Gabor Maté:

Bessel van der Kolk:

Daniel J. Siegel:


Connect with Pamela Armitage:










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