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Born to Be a Badass

Sep 20, 2021

About Meredith Gold: She is a scenario-based, full force, self defense instructor. She’s been teaching Adrenal Stress Scenario Training, also known as ASST to adults and teens since 1992 and started her empowerment-based assertive communication and self-defense program RAW Power: Real World Self-Defense in 2000. Meredith’s primary focus has always been teaching self-defense and verbal empowerment skills to previously untrained women and teens but her focus has expanded to other high risk targeted communities including LGBTQ and AAPI. She has also been instrumental in bringing awareness to this training method to the martial arts community. She and her husband/training partner Michael Belzer have offered training and instructor certifications to martial artists all around the world. A contributing for Black Belt Magazine for five years, Meredith was inducted into their hall of fame in 2003 when they named her their Woman of The Year. 


In this episode, Meredith and I discuss:

  • The difference of martial arts and full force self-defense training
  • RAW Power - The three most important components of self-defense
  • How people can deal with threats 
  • Setting and communicating boundaries clearly 


Key Takeaways:

  • Fighting in martial arts and fighting in real life have different rules. You might need to learn practical fighting techniques that will help you defend against predators along with martial arts.
  • RAW stands for Ready, Aware, Willing. These are the three most important components of self-defense. 
  • Be aware when you’re outside - predators are always looking for someone who’s not paying attention. 
  • Remember “elevator” - communicate clearly that you’re not comfortable and escalate with every ignored remark, then give a warning that there will be consequences if they don’t stop. 


"The most important component in these situations is fighting spirit - it’s the deep belief that we have the right and ability to live a safe life." —  Meredith Gold


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