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Born to Be a Badass

Oct 22, 2021

Melissa Soalt is a women’s self-defense pioneer, a black belt hall of fame recipient, former trauma psychotherapist, and the creator of Fierce & Female Self Defense. She is a forerunner in full-force padded assailant scenario training, her approach is both practical and transformational. She has taught thousands of women how to safeguard their boundaries, protect themselves from danger and resist attack while reconnecting women with deep-seated, primal and emotional powers to live safer, bolder, and fuller lives and to reverse female fear. Melissa is an outspoken advocate for self-defense as physical feminism, she has been featured in national and international media and has also taught in Europe, India, Nepal, and Kenya. She provides customized online training and corporate consulting and is at work on a manifesto for women.


In this episode, Melissa and I discuss:

  • Pre-assault indicators, the power of fear, and innate awareness.
  • Staying focused and alert for street crimes 
  • Signs that someone is going to physically attack you
  • Seeing the whole person


Key Takeaways:

  • Pre-assault indicators go beyond physical cues, manipulation and terror tactics are part of it. Fear is pervasive, it affects every decision you make in your life. We need to have an innate awareness, attuned fully to our intuition. The feeling of unease, or discomfort are important factors. .
  • When you feel like a person is trying to distract you, do these things: watch their hands, have a neutral face, see as wide as possible, create a bit of distance, and observe scouting. 
  • Watch out for signs of when someone’s about to attack you. They will often be anxious, build up adrenaline, and so will be shifting from foot to foot, going into a boxer’s stance. You may also notice their jaw clenching forward and an unmistakable tension. 
  • You want to see the whole person if you want to remain safe and prepared from any sudden movements that they may do, watch their shoulders - they’ll go back before striking. 


“Most of us don’t go around punching things, choking people, grabbing people from behind. But we need to learn what that looks like so that if we’re out in the street, or a shopping mall, and somebody has this intention, we’ll see it faster - if we have that kind of training." —  Cynthia Jolicoeur Rood


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