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Born to Be a Badass

Oct 25, 2021

Alice Alexandrescu is an options facilitator who helps people identify and protect their  mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical boundaries. Currently, she is mentoring under Tony Blauer in his SPEAR System Elite Masterclass. She is an Army veteran, holds a Master of Fine Arts in Behavioral Aesthetics and is a qualified mental health associate skills trainer. In 2020, Alice was awarded third place in the National Veterans’ Art Festival for her piece entitled, “888 Paper Cranes”, which she gradually completed while hospitalized for PTSD. Saying, “during my treatment, crushing waves of emotions, thought, and sensation were delicately folded into each crane”. Alice’s work can be viewed in her Instagram where she just lays her studio and research methodology as a public living journal in video and photography.


In this episode, Alice and I discuss:

  • Being In tune with your elements - Air, Water, Fire and Earth
  • The Three D’s - Detect, Defuse, Defend 
  • Non-violent communication - jackal mindset versus giraffe mindset


Key Takeaways:

  • Everybody deserves to live out their dreams but usually conflict and harm gets in the way of that, either coming from other people or from the bully within. Defending yourself from attacks from both fronts will help you live your life the best that you could. 
  • Have an understanding of what you want to protect and express that with passion. Create a clear system of boundaries. Practice stillness and quietness. Have compassion on your body, be mindful of what you’re eating and doing. 
  • Remember D1, D2, and D3. Detect to avoid, be situationally aware to not be in a threatening place in the first place. Defuse to deescalate, when the first D doesn’t work, try to defuse the situation, or get to a place where you can be safe. Defend to protect yourself if the other options are unavailable. 
  • Step out of violent communication where somebody wins and somebody loses.. Shift into being able to let both sides win together. Use language to heal each other. 


“Language is the first technology - effective, clear, language to represent what’s going on in our internal world to coordinate, create, and manifest" —  Alice Alexandrescu


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