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Born to Be a Badass

Oct 11, 2021

M.E. Heald graduated 2006 with a double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology, and in 2010 with a masters in Criminal Justice specific to gangs and youth offenders. She has worked all over the place, including food service, sales, a few years as a promotional and advertising model, a year as a Miller Light Gal, she has also been an advocate at a sexual assault center and has spent the last 7 years as a corrections officer, the last 9 as a case manager. She trains new staff in self-defense, control tactics, crisis intervention, motivational interviewing, scenario-based trainings, conflict management, negotiations and more. 


In this episode, M.E. Heald and I discuss:

  • Practicing situational awareness 
  • Understanding the criminal mind
  • Crisis intervention and negotiations
  • Safety tips to use when travelling


Key Takeaways:

  • Be aware and listen to your gut - it will save you from a lot of trouble. 
  • Understanding the criminal mind will help you keep yourself safe and be one step ahead of predators. 
  • People are complicated, there are a lot of things that happen that make people who they are - choices they made and choices that were made upon them. 
  • Give people a way out, if it’s an option, when intervening in a crisis and you might get to them more effectively. 


"Know your surroundings, know your go-to places, let the people you trust know where you’re going, know who you’re with" —  M.E. Heald


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