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Born to Be a Badass

Oct 21, 2019

Ruthven Darlene is the founder of Women SV. 

WomenSV helps survivors address the risks and challenges of being trapped in a relationship with an affluent abuser. They also offer professional trainings that assist providers in delivering more trauma-informed care to their patients, students and clients. WomenSV is in the process of creating a training center to educate providers nationwide., and they also give presentations to the community to raise awareness about the impact of domestic violence in middle-to-upper income areas.

The work of WomenSV has gained national recognition and has been featured in the Investigation Discovery channel documentary, Behind Closed Doors: Shocking Secrets; the Megyn Kelly Today Show; New York Times and Good Morning America. Ruthven is also a recipient of this year’s Jefferson Award for Public Service from CBS affiliate KPIX.  Her mission continues to be to promote the fundamental human right of every woman and child to live in peace and safety in their own home.


  • Being too quick to trust people and the need to let them prove themselves & earn it
  • Dimensions of abuser’s control and the wide variety of ways a victim can be abused
  • Aspects of a financially controlling relationship
  • Characteristics of an abuser
  • “If it’s so bad, why doesn’t she just leave?”
  • What women must know when they want to get out of an abusive relationship
  • Responses to the traumatic experience of dealing with abuse
  • Resources – who victims can turn to for help
  • Attorneys, judges and children
  • What to do if you think someone you know is being abused
  • How can women develop their own personal power and courage?






Phone: 1-833-WOMENSV (1-833-966-3678)



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