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Born to Be a Badass

Oct 18, 2021

Raven Scott is a survivor of an abusing relationship with a narcissist, she’s gone from being a people pleaser to a kick-ass author, podcaster, and mentor and she’s a certified meditation teacher and a Destiny Coach. She teaches women how to shed negative patterns one step at a time, to find their power and potential through healing so that they can kick ass in their own life. Raven has a terrific podcast called “Unlock Your Destiny” and she recently published a book that’s a memoir combined with an empath’s healing guide, that book is called “Empath and The Narcissist: A Healing Guide For People Pleasers”. 


In this episode, Raven and I discuss:

  • Spotting a narcissist and examples of manipulation
  • When psychological abuse turns physical
  • Concept of Safety Nets and keeping safe from cyber-stalking
  • Coping with PTSD through breath and EFT


Key Takeaways:

  • Often, low self-esteem caused by experiences in one’s childhood can make them a perfect target for narcissists’ manipulation - it’s important to make peace with your past and focus on building back that self-worth in order to raise your defenses against people with no empathy. 
  • Narcissist don’t have any empathy. You’ll know one is manipulating you if they’re showing no regard or your emotions and are always pinning the blame on you or something you did. 
  • You often will not get any arguments with a narcissist early on because they will be love-bombing you to gain your trust but when you do argue, you’ll find yourself questioning your perception of right and wrong and by the end of the argument, you’ll find that the whole problem is you, and it’s all up to you to fix it and it’s not their problem. Psychological abuse often turns physical, pay attention to the signs and escape. 
  • Recognize Safety Nets - there’s many ways you can do to be safe from an abuser and keep yourself safe. A few avenues you can take is through the law, by filing for a restraining order or changing your name, you can also contact family and close friends to help you through transition, and you can also turn off your phone’s GPS tracking. 


"The biggest thing that narcissists want is attention… treat them like a stranger, don’t feel empathy for them and disengage from conversation… give yourself time for you." —  Raven Scott


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